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For a new project, we're compiling a list of publications where hay(na)ku has appeared (though this list excludes journals/magazines since...that'd be too many!). Please email us at GalateaTen@aol.com if you have additions to this list of publications containing hay(na)ku:

THE FIRST HAY(NA)KU ANTHOLOGY, Co-Edited by Jean Vengua and Mark Young (xPress(ed) & Meritage Press, respectively Espoo, Finland & San Francisco & St. Helena, CA, 2005). Participants: Crag Hill, Ivy Alvarez, Tom Beckett, Eileen Tabios, Mark Young, Raymond Calbay, Michael Chmielecki, Nicholas Downing, Jilly Dybka, Monica Fauble, Thomas Fink, Maya Mason Fink, Craig Freeman, Michael Helsem, Jill Jones, Kirsten Kaschock, Rachael Kendrick, Karri Kokko, Tucker Leiberman, Andrew Lundwall, Sandy McIntosh, Sheila E. Murphy, David Nemeth, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Shin Yu Pai, Vincent Ponka, Ernesto Priego, Francis Raven, Barbara Jane Reyes, Jay Rosevear, Jim Ryals, Radhey Shiam, harry k. stammer, Jean Vengua, Dan Waber, David C. Whiteman, Tanya Williamson, James A. Wren, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

THE HAY(NA)KU ANTHOLOGY, VOL. II, Co-Edited by Jean Vengua and Mark Young (xPress(ed) & Meritage Press, 2008). Participants: John Bloomberg-Rissman, Allan Aguilar, David-Baptiste Chirot, David Giannini, Christian Jensen, Ray Craig, Bill Freind, Thomas Fink, Dion Farquhar, Alex Gildzen, Jeff Harrison, Geof Huth, M. J. Iuppa, Jill Jones, Scott Keeney, Leigh Knight, William Allegrezza, Karri Kokko, Rebeka Lembo, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, nick-e melville, Crag Hill, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Derek Motion, Sheila E. Murphy, Tom Beckett, Lars Palm, Chad Parenteau, Ernesto Priego, Christopher Rieder, Michael Steven, Ernesto Acosta Sandoval, harry k stammer, Jordan Stempleman, Eileen Tabios, Harriet Zinnes, C. St. Perez, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Michael A. Fink, as well as from one of Elizabeth Robinson's Poetry Classes at the University of Colorado, Boulder: Elizabeth Robinson, Adam Baker, Spencer VanBuskirk, Elan Benami, Chris Caruso, Audrey Knowling, R. Noelle Clason, Jessica Kirkbride Miller, Carnyta Lewis, Eric Schrader

THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU PROJECT. Curated by Ivy Alvarez, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ernesto Priego and Eileen R. Tabios (xPress(ed) & Meritage Press, respectively Puhos, Finland & San Francisco & St. Helena, CA, 2010). Participants besides the curators: Ira Franco, Denise Duhamel, Ariana Mason, Maya Mason, Thomas Fink, Burt Kimmelman, Molly Diablo Mason, Sandy McIntosh, Joseph D. Haske, La Erika Garza-Johnson, Sam Arizpe, Rodney Gomez, Emmy Pérez, Airlie Rose, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Horacio Castillo, Holly Anderson, Caroline Beasley-Baker, Lisa B. Burns, Amy Bernier, Majena Mafe, Natasha Narain, Mela Fitzgibbon, Jeff Harrison, Allen Bramhall, Anny Ballardini, Sam Bloomberg-Rissman, May Garsson, Adele Mendelson, Edna Cabcabin Moran, Hannah Newman, Ellie Haworth, Kate Studd, Lucy Morris, Holly Anderson, Caroline Beasley-Baker, Lisa B. Burns, Peg Duthie, Donna Carter, Neal Jettpace, Jean Vengua, Michael Fink, Margo Ponce, Lola Bola, Kristi Castro, Anne Froyen Mowery, Kaja Mowery, Jean Gier, Tom Novack, Candida Kutz, Jeff Hansman, Joselyn Ignacio, Kate Coulter, Liza Li, Mary Vezilich, Mike McGuire, Mardi May, Sally Clarke, Amanda Jackson, Paula Jones, Janet Jackson, Ginger Stickney, Liz Breslin, Kunal Dutta, Tom Lewis, mIEKAL aND, Audacia Dangereyes, Sheila Murphy, Maria Damon, Dirk Vekemans, Jim Piat, Halvard Johnson, William Bain, steve d dalachinsky, Gregory Severance, MD, Larissa Shmailo, Bob Marcacci, John M. Bennett, Patricia Carragon, Om Mani Padme Hum, hands proje, and Thomas Savage.

Menopausal Hay(na)ku for P-Grubbers. Edited by Eileen R. Tabios (Moria Books' Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017). Participants: Sheila Bare, Melinda Luisa de Jesus, Glynda Velasco, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Aileen & Paul Cassinetto, Dan Waber, Eileen Tabios, and Jean Vengua.

HAY(NA)KU 15, a commemorative anthology of the hay(na)ku's 15th year anniversary. Edited by Eileen R. Tabios (Meritage Press and Paloma Press, San Francisco & St. Helena / San Mateo, 2018)

Poetry Collections:
STEP BELOW: Selected Poems 2000-2015 by William Allegrezza (Meritage Press / i.e. Press, San Francisco & St. Helena / New York, 2016)

PORT LIGHT: A Hay(na)ku Collection by William Allegrezza (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, 2014)

COLLECTIVE INSTANT by William Allegrezza (Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2008)

1 Doz. Poison Hay(na)ku by Ivy Alvarez (Big Game Books, Washington D.C., 2007)

what's wrong by Ivy Alvarez (The Private Press, Wales, 2004)

FOR LACK OF DIAMOND YEARS by Caroline Beasley-Baker (Pelekinesis, Claremont, CA, 2013)

Steps: A Notebook by Tom Beckett (Meritage Press Tiny Books Series, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2007)

UNPROTECTED TEXTS: Selected Poems 1978-2006 by Tom Beckett (Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2005)

RECALCULATING by Charles Bernstein (University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2013)

In the House of the Hangman - Volumes 1 - 9 by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Laughing / Ouch / Cube / Publications, 2016)

FLUX, CLOT & FROTH, VOL. I (Text) by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, CA, 2010)

FLUX, CLOT & FROTH, VOL. 2 (Apparatus) by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, CA, 2010)

NO SOUNDS OF MY OWN MAKING by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Leafe Press, Nottingham, U.K., 2007)

OTAGES by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Bamboo Books, Culver City, CA, 2006)

T to C: SUN by John Bloomberg-Rissman (fabled print-out edition of 1/1, printed out 2006)

World Zero by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Leafe Press & Bamboo Books, Nottingham, U.K. & Culver City, CA, 2007)

The Art of Salamat by Aileen Cassinetto (Moria Books/Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

inferred from. two identical distances by Ray Craig (Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2006)

Angles of Incidents by Jon Curley (Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH, 2012)

peminology by Melinda Luisa de Jesus (Paloma Press, San Mateo, 2018)

Vagenda of Manicide by Melinda Luisa de Jesus (Moria Books' Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

Defying Trumplandia: Pithy Peminist Poetry by Melinda Luisa de Jesus (Moria Books' Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

Adios, Trumplandia by Melinda Luisa de Jesus (Moria Books' Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

James Brown's Wig and Other Poems by Melinda Luisa de Jesus (Moria Books' Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

one / generation to / double your consonants, a poetry collection of hay(na)ku text messages by Marlon Unas Esguerras (inception in Nick Carbo's Visual Poetry Class at University of Miami)

HEDGE FUND CERTAINTY by Thomas Fink (Meritage Press, St. Helena, 2019)

JOYRIDE by Thomas Fink (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2013)

AUTOPSY TURVY by Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason(Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2010)

NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY by Thomas Fink (Moria Poetry, Chicago, 2006)

CLARITY AND OTHER POEMS by Thomas Fink (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2008)

Thirteen Ways of Looking at The Bus by Gizelle Gajelonia (Tinfish Press, Hawai'i, 2010)

Morning Moon by Alex Gildzen (Poems For All, San Diego, 2016)

WEAKER THAN WATER by Katherine Gotthardt (Amazon Digital Services, 2013)

THE AUCTION by Aileen Ibardaloza (House With Paul, Ca, 2013)

traje de boda by Aileen Ibardaloza (Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2010)

Speak Which by Jill Jones (Meritage Press Tiny Books Series, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2007)

SAPPHO DOES HAY(NA)KU by Scott Keeney (Sephyrus Press, 2008. Also 3-available HERE)

RANDION SCREPTS by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Meritage Press Tiny Books Series, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2008)

ENDGAMES by Márton Koppány (Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2008)

Puitten uni (Sleep of Trees), the first hay(na)ku book in Finland by Heikki Lahnaoja (ntamo, Finland, 2015)

Pause Mid-Flight by Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor (Surrounding Sky Studios, Bellingham, WA, 2010)

PO DOOM by Jim McCrary (Hank's Original Loose Gravel Press, Arroyo Grande, Ca, 2011)

THE AFTER-DEATH HISTORY OF MY MOTHER by Sandy McIntosh (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2005)

Reporting Live from You Know Where by Sheila E. Murphy (Meritage Press/i.e. press, xPress(ed), St. Helena and Finland, 2018)

THE CASE OF THE LOST OBJECTIVE (CASE) by Sheila E. Murphy (Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2007)

RAVEN FEATHERS: A COLLECTION OF POEMS by Nicole Nicholson (Raven's Wing Press, Columbus, OH, 2008)

my 100 poems by lars palm (Swirl Editions, Sweden, 2016)

all hat, no cattle by lars palm (Gradient Books, Finland, 2015)

OSTERGOTLAND (A FOUND POEM) by lars palm (ungovernable press, Sweden, 2008)

SOME HAY by lars palm (Meritage Press Tiny Books Series, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2007)

Unsecreting of the light (English title of first Macedonian book of hay(na)ku) by Diana Petkova with watercolor images by Toni Shulajkovski (PNV Publications, Skopje, with support from the Ministry of Culture, 2019)

THE PRESENT DAY: The Manana Poems by Ernesto Priego (Leafe Press, Exeter, U.K., 2010)

THE BODY ACHES: Poems and Hay(na)ku by Ernesto Priego (ExPressoDoble, Mexico City, 2005)

NOT EVEN DOGS, the first single-author hay(na)ku poetry collection by Ernesto Priego (Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2006)

"…And Then The Wind Did Blow...": Jainakú by Ernesto Priego (Meritage Press Tiny Book Series, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2007)

days of flowers: an album by Ernesto Priego (ExPressoDoble, Mexico City/London, 2007)

THE STRIP HAY(NA)KU curated by Ernesto Priego (Meritage Press / Laughing Ouch Cube, CA, 2019)

FATE LINES / DESIRE LINES by Caleb Puckett (Mammoth Publications, Lawrence, KS, 2014)

The New Black by Evie Shockley (Wesleyan Poetry Series, 2012)

WHAT'S THE MATTER by Jordan Stempleman (Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2007)

Homage to Robert Creeley by Michael Steven (Soapbox Press, Auckland, 2007)

The In(ter)vention of the Hay(na)ku by Eileen R. Tabios (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2019)

ONE TWO THREE: Selected Hay(na)ku Poems by Eileen R. Tabios, bilingual with Spanish translations by Rebeka Lembo (Paloma Press, San Mateo, 2018)

Love In A Time of Belligerence by Eileen R. Tabios (Editions du Cygne, Paris, 2017)

IMMIGRANT: Hay(na)ku & Other Poems In A New Land by Eileen R. Tabios (Moria Books/Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

YOUR FATHER IS BALD: Selected Hay(na)ku Poems by Eileen R. Tabios (Bibliotheca Universalis, Romania, 2017)

TO BE AN EMPIRE IS TO BURN! by Eileen R. Tabios (Moria Books/Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

Post-Ecstasy Mutations by Eileen R. Tabios (Poems-For-All, San Diego, 2017)

On Green Lawn, the Scent of White by Eileen R. Tabios (Poems-For-All, San Diego, 2017)

147 MILLION ORPHANS (MMXI-MML) by Eileen R. Tabios (gradient books, Finland, 2014)

DREDGING FOR ATLANTIS by Eileen Tabios (Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2006)

I TAKE THEE, ENGLISH, FOR MY BELOVED by Eileen Tabios (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2004)

NOTA BENE EISWEIN by Eileen Tabios (Ahadada Books, Tokyo / Toronto, 2008)

Post-Ecstatic Murations by Eileen Tabios (Poems For All, San Diego, 2016)

THE LIGHT SANG AS IT LEFT YOUR EYES by Eileen Tabios (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2007)

THE SINGER AND OTHERS by Eileen Tabios (Dusie, Switzerland, 2007)

THE THORN ROSARY: Selected Prose Poems & New 1998-2010 by Eileen Tabios(Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2010)

THE AWAKENING: A Long Poem Triptych & A Poetics Fragment by Eileen Tabios(theenk books, New York, 2013)

PRAU by Jean Vengua (Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2007)

THE ACHING VICINITIES by Jean Vengua (Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2006)

nine teen hours (radio edit) by Jim Warner (Chapbookpublisher.com, Pennsylvania, 2009)

some more strange meteorites by Mark Young (Meritage Press & i.e. press, 2017)

lithic typology by Mark Young (Gradient Books, Finland, 2016)

MORE FROM SERIES MAGRITTE by Mark Young (Moria Poetry, Chicago, 2009)

PELICAN DREAMING: POEMS 1959-2008 by Mark Young (Meritage Press, ST. Helena & San Francisco, 2008)

EPISODES by Mark Young (xPress(ed), Espoo, Finland, 2005)

GEOGRAPHIES by Mark Young (Dysphasia Press, Canada, 2011)

First Hay(na)ku Book in Finland:
Puitten uni (Sleep of Trees) by Heikki Lahnaoja (ntamo, Finland, 2015)

Best American Poetry 2008, Guest-Edited by Charles Wright; Series Editor David Lehman (Scribner, New York, 2008), viz "Ku(na)hay" by Charles Bernstein and a hay(na)ku by Tom Beckett featured in Bernstein's Notes.

HAIKU NOT BOMBS by Collectivo Haiku: Tom Gilroy, Jim McKay, Shi Yu Pai, Grant-Lee Phillips, Allison Roth, Rick Roth, Denise Siegel, Patrick So (Booklyn Artists Alliance, 2008)

E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E-V-A-L-U-E-S: the first XI interviews (Curator Tom Beckett, Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2007).

Joyful Noise: An Anthology of American Spiritual Poetry (Ed. Robert Strong, Autumn House, Pittsburgh, 2006). N.B. This anthology opens with a "found" hay(na)ku -- a tercet that synchronistically follows the defined basic hay(na)ku form; a tercet not associated with an individual author but known to come from the Modoc, and it goes:
the song,
I walk here!

Surges: Outpourings in Haiyan/Yolanda's Wake, Editors Rosana B. Golez and Joel P. Garduce (Manila: Rosana B. Golez and Joel P. Garduce, 2013).

VERSES TYPHOON YOLANDA: A Storm of Filipino Poets (Ed. Eileen R. Tabios, Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, 2014).

>2: An Anthology of New Collaborative Poetry (Eds. Sheila E. Murphy & M.L. Weber, Sugar Mule, Colorado Springs, CO, 2007).

Other Publications:
It's Curtains by Eileen Tabios with David Baptiste-Chirot (limited edition, single-poem chap, Dusie, Switzerland, 2006)

the allegrezza ficcione, novella by Mark Young (Otoliths, 2006)

2017 Standing Rock Solidarity Calendar (Tea & Tattered Pages, 2017)


From the Haiti Fundraiser Booklets:

#1: PARTICLE AND WAVE and FROM THE CHAIR, two hay(na)ku sequences by Jean Vengua
#2: On A Pyre: An Ars Poetica by Eileen R. Tabios
#3: Hay(na)ku for Haiti by Tom Beckett
#4: when the earth moves by Lars Palm
#5: After René Depestre’s “My Definition of Poetry”, as translated by Edwidge Danticat, with lines at the end by Lafcadio Hearn by John Bloomberg-Rissman.
#6: Mrs. Quake by Nicole Mauro
#7: Through Having Been, Vol. 1 by William Allegrezza
#8: Through Having Been, Vol. 2 by William Allegrezza
#9: blonde topography: a terse set of tercets by steve dalachinsky
#10: Drop, Portion and Assignment by Peg Duthie
#11: As I Speed to Your Place by Amanda Laughtland
#12: REBIRTH by Cynthia M. Phillips
#13: in articulate concision of appendices by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
#14: from Delicacies in FRACTUS CORPUS by Ric Carfagna (Vol. 1), Hay(na)ku-ed Translations by Eileen Tabios
#15: Last word is the poet’s calling by Aileen Ibardaloza
#16: Times in Rhymes, Ruins by Jon Curley


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