Tuesday, August 29, 2017


That hay(na)ku sure loves to travel!  Most recently, it was introduced by facilitator Maria Lourdes “Malou” A. Alorro during an Arts Training event for students and teachers for a Special Program in the Arts. The event took place at the Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School in Cebu City, and was sponsored by the Philippines’ Department of Education.

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The SPA program was facilitated by Malou and Dess Balota, both from Women in Literary Arts Cebu. Jonathan Jimenez was the overall coordinator for the event. The Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School is into its 4th year on arts training and is the only program in Cebu City. The training encompasses music, dance, theatre, visual arts and creative writing.

Here’s a photo of some of the attendees:

Here are more photos of the event:

Thanks to Malou Alorro for bringing the hay(na)ku to Cebu City! The hay(na)ku is happy to have helped you receive your lovely Certificate of Recognition:


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